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We are currently hiring members for the start of Year 3 of AutoDrive Challenge II. We are looking for motivated students willing to commit to learning and helping the team achieve sucess in Year 3!

Winter Recruiting

Our team has officially opened our Fall 2023 recruiting application session!

We are currently recruiting members for this year.

Note: The positions posted are for the 2024-2025 school year.

Team Structure



Team Captain


Top-level of the leadership team, responsible for overseeing the team. They should not be doing more technical work than the average general member.

  • Faculty communications
  • Hiring/Promoting
  • Captains/Faculty/Leadership Meetings
  • Static Deliverable (Project Leadership)
  • Advisor to each division and for system design

    Project Manager


    Thinks “how do we make the plan happen”

    • Timeline and Project Management
    • Static deliverable (Tech/Safety) Operations Manager (Name TBD)
    • Organize design reviews
    • Sponsorships
    • Finances
    • Miscellaneous logistics (unexpected tasks)
    • Hiring/Promoting

      Operations Manager


      Thinks “what do we need to succeed

      • Mission-critical Operations tasks
      • Putting out fires as necessary - addresses Operational issues as they arise (eg. Road Legalization, Road Markings, Safety Plan, Trip Logistics
      • Lead the Operations subteams


        Embedded Systems Director


        Director of Embedded Systems will oversee the CAN and V2X divisions of the team. Developing the term long plans and short sprints for the CAN and V2X teams.

        • Oversee the operations of the CAN and V2X teams.
        • Organize meetings between themselves and the CAN and V2X leads.
        • Responsible for helping with / taking over any CAN or V2X task that falls behind.
        • Responsible for keeping the V2X lead, and CAN lead on track.
        • Responsible for communication and being the client for any Capstone groups who would like to work with the Embedded side of the team

          Autonomy Director


          Oversee the path planning, control and navigation projects for the team.

          • Oversee the Controls and Navigation and Motion Planning Leads.
          • Design the system architecture for the autonomy division.
          • Responsible for keeping projects on task and aiding with time sensitive tasks.
          • Coordinate collaboration efforts between divisions and teams.
          • Establishing and enforcing documentation standards.

            Infrastructure Director


            Oversee operations concerning the vehicle mechanical, electrical and sensor subsystems.

            • Set timelines for manufacturing, purchasing and construction of equipment.
            • Work on the vehicle installation process of infrastructure projects.

              Perception Director


              Director of Perception will oversee the computer vision lead. Together, they will focus on optimizing and improving the perception stack and accuracy of the models.

              • Oversee computer vision team.
              • Organize meetings between themselves and computer vision lead.
              • Take on and provide support to tasks in a secondary role.
              • Oversee the main github repos and roboflow.
              • Responsible for keeping the Perception division on track.
              • Organize with the wider team and lead the integration of the stack, including possible capstone groups within the perception team.


                CAN Lead


                CAN Lead is in charge of the communication system between our controller and the car, ensuring that we have full control over all the car's systems. Also responsible for the publishing of our perception detections made by our V2X and perception systems over CAN.

                • Oversee the week-to-week operations of the CAN team.
                • Organize meetings between themselves and all CAN members.
                • Responsible for upkeep of the CAN system currently in place.
                • Optimization of the CAN bus used for communication.
                • Gather car data during tests and parse for simulation tests.
                • Responsible for keeping the CAN members on track.

                  V2X Lead


                  V2X Lead is in charge of the cutting edge V2X communication hardware and software system, ensuring reliable communication between our car and other vehicles and traffic lights.

                  • Oversee the week-to-week operations of the V2X team.
                  • Organize meetings between themselves and all V2X members.
                  • Responsible for integrating the V2X hardware and software with our CAN and perception system.
                  • Responsible for keeping the V2X members on track.

                    Motion Planning Lead


                    Oversee the motion planning projects. Research and develop algorithms for global planning, behaviour planning and local planning.

                    • Work closely with general members on the motion planning projects.
                    • Organize meetings with the motion planning team.

                      Controls & Nav Lead


                      Oversee the controls and navigation projects. Research and develop controllers, localization and mapping algorithms.

                      • Work closely with the controls and navigation team.
                      • Organize meetings with the motion planning team.

                        Sensors Lead


                        Oversee all projects specifically pertaining to the vehicle sensors (mounts, wiring, drivers, performance).

                        • Develop secure mounts providing the vehicle with the required FOV.
                        • Oversee software optimization for sensors (update/develop drivers).
                        • Test Camera, LiDAR, GNSS, GPS, and gain familiarity with all sensor subsystems of the vehicle.

                          Hardware Lead


                          Oversee all mechanical and electrical projects, including design, manufacturing and installation.

                          • Must work with both electrical and mechanical project groups and understand the design details of these projects.
                          • Research and source fabrication of mounts/pcb’s.
                          • Work closely with the Sensors lead to develop effective sensor mounts.

                            Externals Lead


                            Liaison between AutoDrive and the rest of the world.

                            • Manage Social media pages (Instagram, LinkedIn).
                            • Manage the Queen’s AutoDrive Website.
                            • Manage sponsor connections.
                            • Shares creative load with Internals.

                              Internals Lead


                              Maintains a pulse of team morale.

                              • Organize Design Reviews.
                              • Organize socials and events.
                              • Share creative load with Externals.
                              • Coordinate with Operations Manager.

                                Innovation Lead


                                Focus on the Mobility Innovation Challenge Series.

                                • Organize the development of both challenges.
                                • Attend Winter Workshop and/or SAE WCX to present work.
                                • Coordinate with the Operations Manager.

                                  Computer Vision Lead/ Optimization Lead


                                  Lead projects and a team to develop and improve upon the existing infrastructure of the perception stack.

                                  • Grow and maintain dataset.
                                  • Improve model accuracies.
                                  • Lead weekly meetings with the team.
                                  • Research and develop new approaches for the stack.


                                    Simulation Officer


                                    Main manager for the simulation challenge and orchestrator for the team's simulation infrastructure.

                                    • Keeps track of the tasks that must be completed for the simulation challenge.
                                    • Organize an interdisciplinary team to complete the simulation challenge.
                                    • Learn and teach the skills needed to accomplish the tasks in the simulation challenge.

                                      ROS Officer


                                      ROS Officer is in charge of the overall software structure of the system and the organization of how nodes will communicate with each other.

                                      • Keeps tracks of systems and their integration progress. Promotes members all divisions into “Integration Specialists”. Responsible for learning and teaching skills related to integration.
                                      • Responsible for ensuring consistency between the inputs and outputs of all systems in the form of custom messages and ROS topics.
                                      • On call to help the members of all sub teams with writing nodes, launch files.

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