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We are currently hiring members for the end of the 2023 year competition on June 10th. We are looking for motivated students willing to commit to learning and helping the team get our car moving this term!

Fall Recruiting

Our team has officially opened our Winter 2022 recruiting application session!

We are currently recruiting technical and operations/marketing roles for this year. Our competition is June 10th.

Note: The positions posted are for the 2022-2023 school year.

Perception Team


As a Pereception Team member you will help create a machine vision system capable of detecting, classifying, and locating objects using the sensor suite on our vehicle.

  • Creating and maintaining machine vision datasets for driving
  • Training and testing machine vision systems until our targets are reached
  • Assisting with report writing (optional)
  • Developing and testing methods to locate detected objects using camera and LiDAR
Relevant Skills
  • Strong time management
  • Experience with vision systems and Python
  • Strong communication skills
  • Linux OS experience

Software Integration Team


The software integration team is responsible for designing and maintaining the system architecture and integrating different software and hardware systems together.

  • Work closely with all sub teams to integrate systems
  • Design system architecture and communicate it to the full team
  • Develop monitoring and fault detection systems
  • Communicate integration requirements to sub teams
Relevant Skills
  • Experience working with computer vision and/or perception systems
  • Python knowledge
  • Understanding of software systems
  • Linux OS proficiency

Hardware Team


The hardware team is responsible for the team developing the electrical and mechanical systems for the sensor suite, and ensuring communication between the sensor suite, computer, and vehicle is uninterrupted.

  • Integrate hardware modules and components as a complete system, work may involve creating defining component blocks and means of intercommunication
  • Oversee and ensure solid integration between hardware and software
  • Design mounting solutions for sensors as well as cable management solutions
  • Troubleshooting hardware issues
  • Integrating the software and hardware aspects of the project
Relevant Skills
  • Strong fundamentals in electronics and/or mechanical design
  • Experience with CAD software
  • Experience with hardware system design and integration
  • Experience with hardware communication protocols (e.g., I2C, SPI, UART, CANBUS)
  • Experience with basic harness assembly and relevant skills (e.g., crimping, soldering)

Simulation Team


The simulation team is responsible for the team creating and maintaining a simulation environment to all software systems on the vehicle. The simulation environment will need to interface with the system code written in Python and will be created in MATLAB or will need to interface with MATLAB. Additional tasks involve any simulation deliverables for the competition in June and developing test plans for the code within the simulation environment.

  • Developing a simulation environment and completing simulated challenges
  • Using the simulated environment in the continuous integration pipeline for the testing of the control, navigation, and planning systems
  • Generating realistic data to test software systems
  • Creating an automated testing platform to evaluate system performance
  • Developing a test plan for testing system performance
Relevant Skills
  • Experience with MathWorks (MATLAB and Simulink)
  • Proficient in Python and C++
  • Linux OS proficiency

Navigation and Controls Team


The navigation and controls team is responsible for the team developing the mapping and localization systems, as well as the control and planning systems. This team will be responsible for developing the motion planning system which determines the desired path for the car to follow based on the generated map of the environment. They will also be responsible for designing a controller allowing the vehicle to track this path.

  • Creation of the vehicles map and ensure the map is accurate and up to date
  • Development of the kinematic and/or dynamic models of the vehicle
  • Development of the localization systems
  • Development of the vehicles lateral and longitudinal control systems
  • Testing navigation and control systems in simulation and on the vehicle
Relevant Skills
  • Proficient in Python and C++
  • Strong background in mathematics and linear algebra
  • Strong foundation in classical control theory and common localization techniques

Operations and Marketing


The operations and marketing team is responsible for updating the website, managing social media campaigns, as well as managing the teams timeline, milestones, and paperwork required for sponsors, budget, and travel. Please email your resume and a short introduction to if interested.

  • Running social media accounts
  • Updating and developing the team's website and wiki platform
  • Budget and timeline management
Relevant Skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Running social media accounts
  • Website operations

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